On a personal note organising the WOW Film Festival with so many components is a very big work of passion, full of ups and downs. The WOW Festival is only made possible through the passion, dedication and commitment of the volunteer effort of the WOW Festival Team – the committee, the selectors and judges, the administration volunteers and the technical team all of whom have been absolutely fabulous. There’s a huge list of acknowledgements in our program. However I must give special mention to Raksha Pinto, our technical director who also created the trailer and compiled the programs, Alia Stewart, our assistant director, Heidi Tobin who worked with publicity and organised the WOW forum at AFTRS, Rosemary Reid, our WOW Facebook co-ordinator, Leisle Grant who organised the Digimedia competition and forum, Deborah Szapiro who co-ordinated the animation competition and forum, Ana Tiwary for WOW/MMW input, Jill Dures & Margaret Berglund for financial administration and Pearl Lee, Steph Busby and Kieran Tully for front of house administration. Raelene Loong and a team from the Sydney Film School has filmed the Festival event and we look forward to excerpts which will be posted on our website. The wonderful WOW website is created and managed by Jennifer Treur of JAM Directions. The printed WOW program was produced by Jennifer Treur with the creative assistance of Bec James. The WOW Film Festival is trully an amazing team effort. Again thank you to all. Sponsors are so important to any event, and I sincerely thank each of our sponsors for their generous support of WOW. While I believe the WOW Film Festival and Tour is achieving our goals of promoting women in key creative roles in the screen industry by providing an opportunity to screen publically wonderful, diverse, stimulating, entertaining and challenging films made by women to a broad audience, there is still a lot to be done to dispel the stereotype of a “women’s film festival” and the notion that films made by women are too ernest and worthy and will not be entertaining and enjoyable. And that men will not enjoy the films and do not feel welcome. I’ve had feedback from Tour partners that their audiences have been limited by this notion. The audiences which have seen the WOW programs are always very positive and astounded by the diversity and high quality of the programs – but we need word of mouth and publicity to “get the word out” that the WOW Film Festival and films made by women are diverse and are stimulating, entertaining, funny, important, exhilarating, glorious in their cinematography and well worth watching. The WOW Film Festival has survived for 16 years, WIFT NSW would like it to prosper, to have full houses, to generate discussion, to create and maintain in an audience the excitement of films made by women, to provide an opportunity for established and emerging filmmakers to have their films screened and to tour nationally and internationally. Please help us to do this by supporting WOW, by attending the WOW Festival, by telling your friends to come along to the screenings and events .. by demonstrating that you support women in filmmaking by seeing the amazing and diverse selection of films that WOW has to offer … “bums on seats”! Hmm .. that is at least another year away! You can also volunteer to help with the organising and running of the WOW Festival & Tour. If you can help with administration, sponsorship or publicity or any of the techno- savvy areas of filmmaking, please give me a call 04 2 246 601 and join the team Well, that’s all from me for now … thanks for supporting WOW! And see you next time … Nyin

~ by wowfilmfestival on December 14, 2009.

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