WOW FILMMAKERS FORUM held on Saturday 17th October, 12.30pm at Chauvel Cinema
“Women Filmmakers of Western Sydney”

“Women Filmmakers of Western Sydney” forum was held on Saturday morning at the Chauvel cinema after the screening of the Australian & International Shorts program.   This program featured several animations.  The topic was broadened on the day to include a discussion of animation.  Speakers were Huni Bolliger, writer/director of the animation “ The Dressmaker’s Daughter” who came from Melbourne to attend WOW, Cassandra Gaunson, director of “Sleeping in Circles” an animation produced in Sydney, Paula Abood, director of the animation “Huriyya & Her Sisters” and Asmah Gebara co-writer of “Huriyya & Her Sisters” who are filmmakers from Western Sydney.  Deborah Szapiro, creative producer with an extensive experience in animation & documentary and director of the Sydney International Animation Festival was the moderator and led the very interesting discussion. The discussion ranged from the making of the animation films, the technical aspects of animation and the purpose and themes of the short films, the influence of community and collaboration through to the influence of place in the sensibilities of the filmmakers. 

WOW/MMW DIGIMEDIA FORUM held on Saturday 17th October, 2.30pm at Metro Screen
WOW film Festival Kodak Digi Vodules Comp – A Few words from Leisle Grant

Well what a fantastic time we had creating the FIRST EVER “WOW film Festival Kodak Digi Vodules Comp”. This was my first foray into the wonderful world of creating a film festival segment and I have to say it ROCKED! So many great films and such diverse content, this competition had everything you could wish for: passion; laughter; joy; sadness, struggle and the enduring human spirit. I am so glad I got to bring these stories to the wider public and just in case you somehow missed out, here is the link so you can see it for yourselves.

WOW film Festival Kodak Digi Vodules Comp 09 Finalists

The Big winners on the night were: Azmaa Farzam for her Vodule “Moment of Life”, taking out the top spot and Emma Lagrutta for “Stain” taking home the people’s choice award for 09. Congratulations both!

I would just like to say a quick THANK YOU to all our entrants as it was so tough to get down to the finalists we chose because the calibre overall was so good. So, over the coming months I am going to create two new play lists one for the “best of the rest” and the other for some FANTASTIC “TV show teasers”. This way, even though the WOW film Festival Kodak Digi Vodules Comp 09 is over for thisr year you can still subscribe to our YouTube site and get the latest from our talented digi creatives.  Ohh and while you are at our Tube site check out our Stats and Data it’s very cool to see who is watching our content and from where.

Another terrific Digital part of the Festival was the Forum “Future Screen Making a Mobile Digital World” the speakers were: David Cranswick – Director, Dlux Media Arts; Tiphereth Gloria – Social Media Strategist, Amnesia Razor Fish; and David Opitz – Projects and Production Manager, Metro Screen. I got so much out of this session – the advent of social media marketing has changed the way we communicate and market our digital content, and Tip had some great suggestions on how we can use social media to promote our content and on where we can put it to make the most of digital communities. David C had some fantastic ideas for mobile and GPS interactive media and David O made some terrific points on content creation and getting funding for your next digital project. But just in case you missed this session don’t feel blue – my creative team of Digi professionals have been slaving away producing a few short Vodules to pop up on our Tube site and the MMW forum, giving you access to the most creative minds in the biz to view at your leisure.

So look out for this stuff and more over the next few months, but till I chat again I will leave you with some words from the fabulous Tip, “There are no failures in Social Media only a failure to participate”.

So get out there and join the living.

WOW FILMMAKERS FORUM held on Sunday 18th October: “Director’s Vision Through The Cinematographer’s Lens”

The WOW filmmakers forum, “Director’s Vision Through The Cinematographer’s Lens”, presented by WIFT NSW and ACS and the ADG at AFTRS on Sunday 18th October, concluded the Festival for 2009.  It explored the issue of what makes a great working relationship between a film’s director and the cinematographer? How does this creative partnership work?

It was a very stimulating discussion where samples of the work of the directors and cinematographers illustrated the diversity of approaches of the participants in their craft.  Karen Pearlman, president of the Australian Editors Guild and Head of Screen Studies at AFTRS was the moderator.  The speakers were Carolyn Constantine, Director Of Photography, Pieter De Vries ACS – Director of Photography, Husein Alicajic – Director
Aloura Charles –  Director, Darryl Thoms – Producer/Director.  The speakers explored the creative relationship between the director and the cinematographer giving personal insights into this complex dynamic.

Caroline Constantine’s reputation has been solidified with her notable work as DOP on a number of films by emerging Australian directors such as Cate Shortland, Pentuphouse (Kodak and Dendy Award winner) and Somersault (2nd Unit DOP and director), Husein, Beginnings (Dendy Award winner) and Carla Drago, Boomerang (Tropfest best cinematography).  She has equally made a mark on US projects such as the feature, Night Owls of Coventry by the Sundance Award winning director Laura Paglin. Carolyn also has numerous TV drama operating and DOP credits (Wildside, Young Lions, Headstart, All Saints and Headland) as well as commercials for companies such as VW ,Nike and Kellogs she continues to pursue her cinematography career both here and abroad.

Pieter De Vries ACS is one of Australia’s most well known cinematographers and has photographed many important and acclaimed television series over his career. He has received international recognition for his documentary and drama cinematography and received high praise and numerous awards. “RAT” and “Animalicious” are both co-productions with National Geographic and Beyond Productions. “RAT” earned him the Australian Cinematographer of the Year Award at the 1998 Australian Cinematographers Society Awards. His work on this film additionally received an Emmy nomination in 1999.  A recent credit as Director of Photography was for the international co-production,” Darwin’s Lost Paradise“, a two part series about the anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s book, “On the Origin of the Species”. Other credits include “Atlas – Australia Revealed”, part of Discovery Channel’s largest ever HD project. Other work includes, “Lonely Planet – Six Degrees” a series filmed in New York, Havana and Paris.  The Sony Corporation has engaged him in the demonstration phases of new High Definition camera technology. In 2001 he worked with Academy Award winning US director James Cameron (“Titanic”, “Terminator” 1 & 2, “The Abyss”) – topside DP of an large format Imax film, “Ghosts of the Abyss”, revisiting the wreck of the Titanic, using the Sony/Panavision High Definition 3D format.

Husein Alicajic has impressive directing credentials. Recently awarded Best in Show Gold at the 2008 Promax awards for his FOXTEL summer campaign and Best Unproduced Movie Trailer at the 2009 International Golden Trailer Awards in Los Angeles, Husein’s depth of knowledge, experience and natural talent allows him to apply his collaborative skills with confidence and ease.  Working with Director Alex Proyas he created a pre-trailer for the 20th Century Fox film I, Robot, and was Second Unit Director and additional Editor on the Fox 2000 film Aquamarine.  Husein also collaborated with acclaimed UK writer Jeff Noon on his IF award winning script Divine Shadows that is currently in pre-production with Producer Daria Jovicic (Girl with a Pearl Earring) and recently he became attached to direct the AMPAS Nicholl Fellowship winning feature screenplay The Secret Boy , collaborating again with producers Daria Jovicic and Peter Bogart (Con Air).

Aloura Charles a visiting USA director whose latest short, “Misconnect”  premiered at the 2009 WOW Film Festival and won an audience choice award.  She has an impressive list of short films and has completed two feature films.  “Paper Roses” was selected by 16 festivals and has won awards at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. “La Magique Noire” screened at five festivals, including Palm Springs and was followed by “Hold”, which was selected for the HBO Aspen Comedy Arts Festival
Aloura’s second feature film, “Reservations”, which took a Best Direction award at Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival was selected as Opening Night Film for The REEL Women’s International Film Festival and for the World Of Women Film Festival of Australia in 2008.
Darryl Thoms is a producer who also has substantial camera work experience.  He has worked extensively in film and documentary making in Australia and overseas, particularly in Asia.  He has collaborated with Aloura Charles in the production of the short, “Misconnect”.

The backgrounds of the speakers gives you an understanding of their breadth of experience.  The audience were privileged to engage in the discussion and to enjoy conversations with them during the delicious afternoon tea of petit fours.  Heidi Tobin, WIFT NSW Vice President organized this forum in association with the Australian Cinematographers Society.  We particularly thank AFTRS for providing sponsorship for the venue.

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